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    Our New Year's Resolutions

    Happy new year and welcome to 2022! There is a lot going on this year for climate action, and we hope that this year we will begin to see some action following a lot of promises made in 2021. As a company we are really looking forward to this year as we continue to expand our team and increase our impact by helping individuals, businesses and councils reduce their carbon emissions. We have goals as a company, however we are made up of a committed team who are also all doing their bit to reduce their own emissions. Here are some examples of the new year's resolutions which have been made by our team members. 

    Martina (Climate Change Engineer) “Making investments with an ESG focus, focussing on companies that are tackling climate change”

    Anna (Client Engagement Officer) “Reduce my food waste at home”

    Laura (Product Manager) “Eat more seasonally and locally” 

    Ellen (Ambassador) “Buy less, it’s all about what you need not want  and to continue with sustainability driven courses”

    Emily (Ambassador) “Not buy any new things-secondhand everything in 2022! - I am generally pretty good at buying only secondhand and vintage clothing. But this year, I’d like to extend that to most “things”-furniture, tools, shoes, homeward, books, etc.”

    Suzanna (Ambassador) “Reduce the amount of packaged items I purchase”

    Angie (Ambassador) “To cook more with friends, rather than going out for food.”

    Have you got a new year's resolution? When asking about your colleagues' Christmas break perhaps you could ask if they have made any new year's resolutions to reduce their carbon footprint? Perhaps some of these ideas can inspire a small (or even big) change in your everyday life. For more examples head to our community page to learn about other tips and tricks. You can also start to measure and reduce your businesses carbon emissions using our platform Climate Essentials. This year is going to be exciting and vital for carbon reduction. We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for us! 

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