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    Climate Friendly Gift Giving

    Have you ever been completely stumped over what to give someone for Christmas? Completely torn between the joy from giving a thoughtful gift and the guilt of contributing to further consumerism? This gift guide is here to help! Here are a few ideas that may spark inspiration this holiday season!

    1.      Something secondhand: First things first; Can we please ditch the stigma around giving secondhand gifts? Are you really bothered by a book which has been read before or a top which has seen the light of day a few times? Are we so self-indulgent that we demand that vase has only existed in our home? The best way you can shop this year, aside from literally gifting carbon credits (which I will cover) is gifting secondhand! Plus, look at it this way, you’ll be able to afford higher quality gifts this year if  they come at the secondhand price!


    2.     Zero waste essentials: Why not equip your loved ones with a zero waste living starter pack?! This one is tried and trusted-especially for loved ones who are willing to change a few things about their lifestyle but simply don’t know where to start. Try to find a local zero waste shop (a quick Google should show options in most areas) but if you’re unable to pick these up from a local shop, check out some of the brands linked below! My recommendations include a hamper or tote bag filled with:

    a)    A reusable coffee cup

    b)    food containers

    c)    beeswax wrap

    d)    dryer balls

    e)    A reusable water bottle

    f)      Some lovely bar soaps and/or shampoo bars

    g)  Refillable/reusable packaging beauty products


    3.  Antique jewellery (Antique anything!): Does this need an explanation?

    4. An experience instead of a physical/material gift: why not get your loved one a pottery, yoga, or vegan cooking course? It’s an opportunity to give them something they can look forward to as the months get increasingly dreary this winter!

    5. Actual carbon credits in someone’s name: good one for your eco-appreciative friends! Check out this list from EcoWatch to find  a reliable carbon offset initiative!

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