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Keep up to date with the latest news and discuss your thoughts about recent policy/ general climate related activities.
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  2. As #COP26 drew to a close, it's important the momentum doesn't end. This conference was an opportunity to initiate discussions and drive collaborative action - let's keep the ball rolling. I've made a short highlights reel of my time at #glasgowcop26 - filled with talks, the green zone and the #climate march. MashedVideo_1636629546076.mp4
  3. Good news for EU! 😍 White or electrical goods such as fridges and televisions in the European Union must be able to be repaired for up to a decade under new rules that came into force on Monday. Why is this Important? Products should last longer, and therefore when broken, they should be repaired. This requires products to be designed for repair as well as support for repairers of all kinds. What is the impact? How Can I Help? Join the movement: Check repair guides for your appliances:

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