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Kicking off our 'how to make your fashion more sustainable' section, we have REDUCE.

Reducing the amount of clothes you own and buy is a very effective way to decrease the impacts you have on the environment, ultimately decreasing the amount of clothes that may end up in a landfill.

Do you find yourself always picking soemthing up when you pop into town? Or having a wardrobe that is busting at the edges, but only seem to wear the same 4 outfits?

It could be time for you to reduce the amount of clothes you *think* you need!

Try challenging yourself to a ⚡NO SPEND AUGUST⚡ or trying out a decluttering task (like the hanger trick 👕) to undercover your staple outfits!

Those items that haven't seen the light of day for over 6 months? Why not give them to a friend or donate to those less fortunate!

Changing your mindset is key when trying to reduce your purchasing habits and can have positive impacts on other aspects of your life, such as financial 💵 and organisational 🧠

Why not give it a go today!

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