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♻️ R E C Y C L E ♻️

When you think of the word recycle, plastic bottles and aluminium cans by come to mind...

But have you thought about recycling fashion?

Following our previous tips, many people may be planning a few hours to declutter and REDUCE their wardrobe size this weekend - that' great! 🌟

We must make sure we do this is the best way possible. To prevent any more clothing items ending up in landfill, you can always recycle your gear👗

Why not help the less fortunate AND reduce your carbon footprint by donating your unwanted items to local charities? Or you could reach out to some sustainable brands who offer to recycle items for you! (For example, Patagonia)

Other methods include repurposing your old items yourself! With a creative eye, an old T-Shirt can become a wash rag, pillowcase or even a tote bag!

Give it a go👜

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