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🔧 R E P A I R 🔧

When things break today, it has become a habit of many to throw them out 🗑️

However, this has not always been the first choice. For generations, repairing broken items, even clothes, was the norm. Changing fashion trends has killed this creative action...

But we can bring it back! ✂️🧣

Stitching a hole in a jumper can take 10 minutes (with a YouTube tutorial, probably even quicker!!), yet adds up to 2 years to the lifespan of the item.

Saving your favourite sweater AND reducing your carbon footprint? Seems like a no brainer to me 🌟🌍

Also be on the look out for sustainable brands, who in order to increase the lifespan of their products, offer free repairs to their customers! Another great reason to buy sustainable 🌟🌿

Give it a go!

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