Reducing my laundry impact

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spacer.pngHow did I reduced my laundry impact by using sustainable capsules?

On September 2020, I found out about a company making plastic-free packaged capsules for laundry, cruelty-free, and with lower levels of added chemicals per wash. The company is called Smol, and they're on a mission to reduce the impact of our laundry and washing products. Join them 🙂



icons8-natural-food-100.pngWhat's good about it?

  • The capsules are delivered to your home, with regular deliveries where you select the frequency.
  • You get 9 capsules for £1on your first order
  • Plastic-free, recyclable packaging that fits into your letter box
  • You can see your impact on your account, and the total impact of their community.
  • The capsules are cheaper than regular ones, so you're not only reducing plastic and chemical use, but you're also saving money

icons8-natural-food-100.pngWhat has been my impact  in 6 months?



icons8-natural-food-100.pngHow Can I help?


  • You can start a free trial now by subscribing to their products here
  • They have a variety of sustainable laundry products, including dishwashers, fabric conditioner, and more!




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