Why Is The Shift To Sustainable Fashion So Important?

Ellen Brown

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spacer.pngIts potential to lead is crucial as the fashion industry links to many other industries around the world, unfortunately valuing profit over people and efficiency over care. 

Fashion causes vast consequences to our land, air and sea whilst also equating to various societal issues including poverty and forced labour; even as far as sexual abuse.



Fashion can be extremely complex due to what ties it all together and that is the supply chain. Unfortunately, fashion supply chains lack a huge amount of transparency making it hard to trace back and pinpoint specific people, companies or brands for their poor efforts of sustainable management. Here are just a few key facts that really put it into perspective how fashion is negatively impacting our environment and society:

Between 2000 and 2014, clothing production doubled, with the average customer buying 6% more garments compared to 15 years ago (unece.org).

20% of global waste is produced by the fashion industry which also emits about 10% of carbon emissions.

1 in 3 female garment workers have reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace (CARE International, 2017).

These are just some of the terrible ways in which the fashion industry affects people and our planet. To learn more and understand how you can make a positive difference, read on and explore the community page for sustainable fashion. We continue to share interesting research, guidance, and educational support to help you.


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