Rana Plaza Disaster

Ellen Brown

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Bangladesh, 2013

In 2013, disaster struck after an eight-storey building located in Bangladesh collapsed and killed over 1000 garment workers.

Reports of cracks and erosion had been made only hours before however due to pressures of short production rates and the worry of losing their jobs or even abused, the workers were forced to continue to work. 

The disaster has brought worldwide attention in order to provide justice for the fallen and injured victims. It has also caused many to ask the question of how garment workers are treated and how factories are monitored. 

1134 people lost their lives due to the catastrophic disaster.

Even after there was the search to find the labels on what brands where using this factory, which really tells you how much the industry lacks transparency.

Since the disaster, 2050 companies signed two initiatives, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, and the less constraining Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety. Both were designed to improve safety dramatically in 2,300 factories supplying western brands.


This significant event reminds us all that justice needs to be served and safe environments need to be approved so fashion can be a transparent and equal industry for all.



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