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  • Did You Know?

    People have the power to collectively reduce 36% of global emissions if they work together.

    In the UK, households are responsible for 40% of national emissions.

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  • Why should I use Climate Essentials?


    With unique functionalities, such as flexible data inputting options and estimation algorithms, our industry specific questioning tailors Climate Essentials to your organisation’s needs.


    Affordable annual subscription-based service includes a supportive onboarding process, user guides, and video tutorials.


    Dynamic emissions breakdown by year, scope, and location, allows users to quickly analyse data, understand the environmental results, and forecast reduction scenarios.

    Earn Recognition

    You are able to feature our stamp on your website and pledge to the SME Climate Hub and Science Based Targets initiative.

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    How Can I Help?

    The first step to fight climate change is knowing where you stand and what is your impact in the environment. To help you with this, we have developed Climate Essentials, an easy and understandable online platform that measures your carbon footprint, compares it to others and gives you easy tips and recommendations to help you reduce your impact and reach Paris Agreement Goals.

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  • Ready to make a real change?

    We cannot fight climate change alone.

    As well as measuring and reporting your carbon footprint with Climate Essentials, you can also join our community of businesses.

    Here you can share ideas, recommendations, access grants and support to reduce your organisational carbon footprint. Nudge your employees to take action and make your workplace greener.

    It's not a single business or person taking a million steps to reduce their impact, but a million businesses and people taking small steps towards a greener future.

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