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    C3IA Solutions - BCP Case Studies Series

    In January we met with Nev Brill (Commercial Director), Lorraine Stoddart (Finance Manager) and Sian Roff (Security Controller) at C3IA Solutions, an ICT and cybersecurity consultancy business. The company has been wanting to look at their sustainability for a while now but were not sure how to go about it. Signing up to the BCP Council’s programme with us, Climate Essentials was ideal for C3IA to get going on the journey to Net Zero.

    C3IA have found using Climate Essentials very helpful to establish their carbon footprint and see exactly where their carbon emissions are being generated. This information is very valuable to the company as they see it as an essential part of the company's commercial identity. G-Cloud is a vital tool in C3IA’s method of winning new contracts. In order to use G-Cloud, C3IA were required to formulate an emissions reduction plan. Climate Essentials has enabled C3IA to meet this requirement and identify key areas where they can take action to reduce their carbon footprint. Part of the company's business model is linked to consultants travelling up and down the country which comes with a lot of travel time and associated emissions. Cutting down on this travel not only helps to reduce the company’s emissions footprint but also the company’s costs and employee productivity. 

    C3IA are currently in the process of moving to a new office site which the business has been able to plan to fit its needs. Taking their carbon footprint into consideration during this process has meant that all lights have been fitted to a PIR system meaning the room won’t be lit unless someone is in there and lots of EV charging points have been fitted. This is something that C3IA wants to engage employees with and have taken the decision to install these partly because many employees have shown an interest.

    Nev and the C3IA team believe it is part of their duty and any other responsible businesses duty to look at reducing their carbon emissions. Having targets that can be derived from a programme such as Climate Essentials, provides momentum for sustainable action to be taken. The C3IA team found that the Climate Essentials programme gave them a focus on how they can move forward and achieve. 

    Sign up to access one of the limited licences to Climate Essentials now by clicking this link here. 
    LINK: https://climax.community/bcp-climate-essentials-access/

    *Sponsored by BCP Council. Eligibility Criteria: you must be based in BCP, have fewer than 250 employees and fewer than 7 sites. 

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