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    The Green House Hotel - BCP Case Studies Series

    The Green House Hotel is an award winning boutique hotel in Bournemouth that has sustainability at the heart of what it does. We met with Neil Carter, the General Manager, and Lizzie McManus, working at Warrior Agency to support the Green House’s Environmental Management and PR. The Green House is determined to provide a luxury experience at no (or very little) extra cost to the environment and believes that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. To align with its vision and ethos, The Green House Hotel wanted to understand its own emissions on a deeper level to find areas where it could put effective strategies in place to reduce its carbon footprint. Lizzie had started measuring the hotel's footprint using an online calculator but wanted to gain more accuracy in carbon measurement and so made the switch to Climate Essentials to gain a better understanding of the carbon output of the hotel’s business operations.

    Since adopting Climate Essentials, The Green House has found that its emissions are already lower than the average hospitality business with similar employee count benchmarked on the platform. The business has already implemented lots of measures to gain this status such as installing solar panels, using local suppliers and renewable energy, having a seasonal dining menu and encouraging guests to take part in the local cycling scheme. The Green House has won multiple sustainability awards and has very much embedded sustainability into each decision made at the hotel.

    The team found the Climate Essentials platform very easy to use and have found the data from the platform really helpful. The data has enhanced their understanding of where they can make future improvements as well as seeing how the efforts they have already made are making a huge difference. The Green House Hotel is ahead of the curb in terms of incoming regulation and Neil’s advice to any business would be to also get ahead; “Making sustainability part of your business strategy - that is a wise move” - Neil Carter, General Manager at the Green House Hotel.

    Sign up to access one of the limited licenses to Climate Essentials now by clicking this link here. 
    LINK: https://climax.community/bcp-climate-essentials-access/

    *Sponsored by BCP Council. Eligibility Criteria: you must be based in BCP, have fewer than 250 employees and fewer than 7 sites. 


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