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    Our Head of Climate Science & Engineering Wins TechUK's President's Award

    It was announced on 5th July at the techUK Annual Dinner that Climate Essentials’ Head of Climate Science and Engineering, Martina Colman, is the winner of techUK's President's Award! Martina was the winner in the Planet category at this year's annual awards event.

    She was singled out by the judges as someone “who has made a significant contribution to people, society, the economy and the planet through her work with technology.” The Planet category recognises “Someone who, through technology, is protecting the ground we walk on, the seas we swim in and the biodiversity around us. From small interventions to large-scale innovations, helping us to protect and nurture the planet we live on.” 

    Martina led the development of Climate Essentials which has so far helped over 700 organisations and 16 local authorities move from qualitative climate emergency declarations to data-driven and quantitative climate action strategies. She says: “This is a huge confidence boost for Climate Essentials’ work and I am very proud to be part of the team recognised in this prestigious award. While increasing awareness of the climate emergency is helping us support others in their bids to reduce their impact, we need to do much more and move faster.”  

    “Our platform provides the opportunity for organisations from both the public and private sector to work in collaboration to fight climate change, and adapt to a green economy. Without a consistent method of accounting for carbon emissions, stakeholders cannot efficiently align their efforts to meet net-zero legislation and targets so I am particularly pleased that Climate Essentials has been acknowledged,” she says. 

    TechUK is the UK’s technology trade association. It creates a network for innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet. TechUK has almost 1,000 members across the UK, with member organisations ranging from leading FTSE 100 companies to small and innovative start-ups. 

    We are incredibly proud of Martina and everything she has achieved so far at Climate Essentials. We are a start-up who is extremely passionate about solving today’s most pressing problem. We have gathered a small team of driven professionals who not only have a proven record of creating and scaling successful start-ups but are also experts in sustainability and climate change. We believe together we can fight towards a greener future. 

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