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  2. This article explains the advantages of getting a heat pump to save emissions in your household However, would it depend on how the electricity is generated? I don't know if it makes sense to burn natural gas to generate electricity, and then use said to heat my house. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just heat my household directly using natural gas in a boiler?
  3. I've recently got into foraging and have learnt that there are a great many edible leaves, flowers, fruits and roots in my back garden and on the way to Lidl. I fifind this to be a fantastic alternative to bags of salad of unknown carbon footprint for both the leaves and the plastic packaging alone. Attached is a picture of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) which has particularly tasty leaves & flowers.
  4. How did I reduced my laundry impact by using sustainable capsules? On September 2020, I found out about a company making plastic-free packaged capsules for laundry, cruelty-free, and with lower levels of added chemicals per wash. The company is called Smol, and they're on a mission to reduce the impact of our laundry and washing products. Join them 🙂 What's good about it? The capsules are delivered to your home, with regular deliveries where you select the frequency. You get 9 capsules for £1on your first order Plastic-free, recyclable packaging that fits into your letter box You can see your impact on your account, and the total impact of their community. The capsules are cheaper than regular ones, so you're not only reducing plastic and chemical use, but you're also saving money What has been my impact in 6 months? How Can I help? You can start a free trial now by subscribing to their products here They have a variety of sustainable laundry products, including dishwashers, fabric conditioner, and more!

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